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The Beginning 

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Born out of hunger for convenience and pleasure, along with an urgent need for sustainable agriculture and food distribution, we envision a market built for the local community - from the local community. 


Our Market Manifesto

Hearth Market is our source of possibility. We believe each one of us can make a difference - that we are not the center of the Universe, but the sum of all its abundance and generosity. We feel a deep gratitude & love for the Earth. This is home.

We express this gratitude by treating everything we touch with kindness. We respect the earth, all human beings, and animals. We’re honored to steward our environment and to celebrate the beauty in all the little things. 

Our food is the result of our passion. We are proud of it - its flavor and origins. We relish sharing its gifts of nourishment, pleasure, and joy.


Moon Woman by Shaune McCarthy

Our Culture


We Believe
Food Connects Us All

We see food as life, art, and love
We believe service is a higher calling
We own our power to nourish and heal

We Never Expect Things to Be Easy

We take responsibility for our impact
We seek guidance and feedback, share wisdom and passion freely
We remain humble, ambitious, courageous, thoughtful, and compassionate

We Go Over & Above

We make the mundane extraordinary
We mindfully use our senses to enhance awareness
We craft and share bounty and beauty to awaken wonder and vitality

We See Every Moment as an Opportunity

We practice thoughtful, open, specific, and kind communication
We learn from the results of our actions and reactions
We find meaning, purpose, and joy in collaboration

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